Dental Start-up Process

Simply put, we are your project managers for the duration of your practice start-up process. In addition to the services we provide in-house, we introduce you to our network of qualified vendors who have a long history of satisfied clients. You'll enjoy exclusive discounts with all of them. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we’ve got you covered. We know what needs to be done, by who, and when.

  • Don't go into any negotiations alone. That can get very expensive, very fast.
  • Don't hope that your contractor will keep track of all vendors and get everyone to be on schedule and on budget. That is far from realistic.
  • Do you need eyes and ears on a new construction or remodeling site? You can have ours!

We are as vested in the means as we are in the end. We want you to succeed, and we meet regularly to review the process and ensure that you are succeeding in the many steps that lead to Day 1 of your practice.

Fee: Our fees for start-up services vary depending on where you are in the process. Schedule a call, and we will give you a quote for which units you want us to take care of. All vendor fees and third-party costs are the responsibility of the client and are not included in our fees.

If you are just starting out, we would start with a financial feasibility study. We will let you know which markets show increasing demand for your services and assess your competitive advantage in the market you choose. Next, we will introduce you to a financial adviser and one of our preferred demographic study firms. We will review your financial and demographic study data with you, as well as your pro forma business plan. If you require financing, we will connect you with industry specific lenders and assist you with preparing your borrower package.

We develop a timeline for your project and help you secure the relevant vendors, contractors, and real estate professionals. We will manage the vendors you contract with and have regular meetings with them. We will have scheduled weekly meetings with you to discuss the progress of your project and maintain open communication with you throughout the process. This phase has many components including:

Real Estate
In partnership with your realtor, we will prepare a letter of intent for a new or assumed lease. We can help review your documents for closing on a purchased property.

Floor plan, Office design, MEP design and permits
If you are building out a space or doing a major renovation, we will work with your architects to design the layout of your practice, and get construction permits.

RFPs and Contractor selection
We will help you prepare RFPs, and select the contractor for your building, build-out, and renovations as applicable.

This is an important step that is tedious and time-consuming, but must be done right and as soon as possible. We will introduce you to the right national credentialing partner. We will monitor your credentialing application status weekly. A lot of data will be needed from you, and we will ensure that this process is timely and efficient.

Federal & State registration, licensure, and accreditation.
We help you register your practice with the IRS and in your state. We connect you with vendors who can prepare and expedite licensing and any applicable accreditation.

IT & Dental Systems
We will help you determine the right IT solutions for your practice. We will schedule live demonstrations with all major dental practice management application providers. As part of your IT solution, we will discuss pre-scheduling apps that patients can use to schedule appointments and complete insurance verification before you open your doors. Multiple vendors will be required for IT, cabling, communication, and dental practice management.

We will introduce you to billing companies, educate you on fee schedules, revenue cycle management, and collections.

We will help you secure manuals for your regulatory and compliance requirements. The cost of these resources is not included in your fee for the start-up phase.

Policies & Procedures Manual and Employee Handbook
We provide you with a customized Policies & Procedures manual and Employee handbook for your practice.

Equipment & Supplies
We will introduce you to vendors, obtain quotes, plan large equipment placement, review the vendor’s lists of supplies and equipment for the practice needs, and negotiate all contracts.

Interior Décor
Our interior decorators will help bring your vision to life in your practice space.

Accounting / Tax Services / Payroll
We will introduce you to industry-specific financial advisers, Quick Books professional, and accountants so that you can maximize revenue, manage your transactions, and reduce your tax burden.

Human Resources
We will create your job opening Ads, pre-screen and interview candidates with you. We will work with your accountant to set up your payroll, benefits, and total compensation packages.  We will assist in obtaining quotes for your staff’s insurance, retirement, and savings plans.

Our insurance partners can get you quotes for malpractice, business, general liability, and workers compensation, life insurance, death and disability policies which are financing requirements.

Merchant Services
We will help you set up secure payment equipment and services.

Practice Logo Design / Stationery / Print material
We will connect you with trusted vendors for your logo, digital branding, and print material.

Office Services
We will connect you with vendors, review quotes, and negotiate terms for:

  • Signage.
  • Answering service.
  • Reference lab accounts.
  • Waste management.
  • Scrubs/lab-coat supply.
  • Laundry service.

RCF (Remote Call Forwarding)
We can help you secure a phone number for your practice, well before opening because it would be required for your credentialing, marketing and contracts. Your IT vendor will port it to your communications infrastructure right before you open your doors.

Website, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Promotion
We will connect you with website developers, marketing design, online advertising and social media marketing vendors. You'll enjoy exclusive discounts with our recommended website developers. Additional processes include website hosting, print and postage and are paid directly to the vendors.

Opening events planning
We assist you with planning for your big day.